New 2024 Weber Q BBQ

A guide to the 2024 Weber Q BBQ range

Weber recently launched its new range of Weber Q BBQs with an updated design and a number of improvements. The new range also features an N at the end of all the model names.

But with 36 new models, figuring out the differences and the right one for your needs is confusing.

Breaking down the Weber Q range

Model names

The Weber Q range consists of a five overarching models, which are as follows. We won’t be covering the Built-In Q in this post, as it is yet to receive the new design and improvements. However, it should be updated at some point.

  • Weber Baby Q
  • Weber Q
  • Weber Q+
  • Weber Family Q+
  • Weber Built-In Q

The model names are fairly easy to understand, the Baby Q is the smallest, with the Q and Q+ being the middle size, and the Family Q being the largest.

Premium vs non-premium

Within each of the models, there are two sub models, a premium and non-premium model. The differences between the two consists of the premium model having a deeper lid to allow for larger roasts, the inclusion of a built-in thermometer in the lid, and an electric starter for faster and more reliable ignition. The premium version of each Weber Q has a higher model number, which can be seen below:

  • Weber Baby Q – Q1000N
  • Weber Baby Q Premium – Q1200N
  • Weber Q – Q2000N
  • Weber Q Premium – Q2200N
  • Weber Q+ – Q2600N+
  • Weber Q+ Premium – Q2800N+
  • Weber Q Family+ – Q3100N+
  • Weber Q Family+ Premium – Q3200N+

N models

You might have noticed that some Weber Q’s have an N at the end of the model number. The N is only present on the newest generation models. The previous models are under the Classic 1st generation and Classic 2nd generation. Knowing this makes it easy to tell if you are looking at a new model or one of the older models.

Updated design

The new 2024 Weber Q models feature a more squarish design with a slightly larger BBQing surface as a result. The overall look of the BBQ has been cleaned up and made to look more modern. Gone are the rounded domes, in are the sharper more squared off edges with a range of matte colour options.

Updated features

Along with the updated design, the new Weber Q range also features new removable side tables that no longer folder in on the BBQ, rather opting to slide under when not in use.

With the Weber Q+ and Weber Q Family+ models, the + represents an additional center burner. This additional burner can be used to increase the heat when used with the main burner, or used to slow cook or roast when used by itself. This means the Weber Q+ and Q Family+ can be used for more oven-type cooking.